Game creation

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The visual quality as well as the gameplay are always sensitives subject and we work hard to make them right. Audio is also part of our aim to immerse the player as this art offers so many possibilities to deliver strong emotions and enhance the virtual experience. 

- The Catartsys Team -


Not yet released

Help your cat recall the happy memories of his life to give him the strength to reach paradise.

Move through climatic events in an epic climb in a randomly generated level.

 Customize your pet with a lot of unlockable content!!

And who knows? To reach the paradise of cats? :)

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Global Game Jam 2020

The Guardians of Harmony

We had the pleasure to take part in the Global Game Jam 2020, neatly organized by the professional association 'Sud Piccel' located in Montpellier, south of France.

The Guardians of Harmony is a musical game

Summary :
Take the challenge ! Rebuild the ice floe to the rhythm of the song of Harmony and scare away these irresponsible human beings hungry for power!

Original soundtrack composed by C├ędric Bottier. (Menus & Game).

Genre : Rhythm
Platforms : Windows, Linux, Mobile, HTML5
Made with : Unity, Blender, Adobe Photoshop

Available on :