Houdini software expertise

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Speed up your game assets production !

  As Houdini specialists, we want you to benefit from our innovative approaches to optimize 3D creative workflows, speed up your game development and allow you to focus on your creativity.  

Reduce your costs !
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Experienced the bleeding edge of procedural generation :)
Houdini Games Reel


Our areas of expertise
  • Artist-driven tools

    Treat yourself to the services of a technical artist and personalized support on site or remotely, whether you are in the design or pre-production phase.

  • Procedural Creation

    Ask us for environments/props, we deliver the generative process with customized parameters.
    You will benefit from the best non-destructive creation workflow in existence where quality and quantity meet.

  • Visual Effects

    Enjoy the power of complex visual simulations computed and baked for real-time use.
    Keep control over your visuals with hybrid solutions if we only provide the particles motions.

  • Optimisations

    Each step we make with you is designed with CPU and GPU cost in mind.

    Expect the best at runtime and during the content creation phase.